Morena Roas Shows Us All The Colors

Morena Roas: Houston Chronicle

Artists from all over the country, from Garth Brooks to Juanes, are continuing to perform live without leaving their homes. It’s become a necessity as music venues remain shut down in the wake of the coronavirus. And it likely won’t change anytime soon.

That means singer and bands have lost most if not all of their income. Livestreaming has become more important than ever. And we’re here to showcase some of the best.

Morena Roas joined us to perform over at the Preview from the Houston Chronicle Facebook page. The bilingual, multigenre singer has made a name for herself throughout Houston — and even in Brazil.

Roas scored a local club hit with “Molly Where You At,” which featured an equally vibrant music video filmed in the Montrose area. That song earned spins throughout the city. She’s won various singing competition, hosted karaoke nights and even performed at LGBT celebrations in Brazil.

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Morena Roas

Years active: Since 2015
Genre: R&B, pop, hip-hop, Latin — you name it, I can do it
Latest project: “Someone for Me,” my spin on Adele’s “Someone Like You”

Where you’re from: I grew up in Channelview/Northshore. Mustangs!

Where we can find you online: SpotifyFacebookInstgram

Why we should pay attention to you: My music is an affirmation of all languages. It speaks different tongues and uses different colors to show what it is to be human. It’s love and struggle and uplift and partying. It’s sad and sexual.

Why it’s important for people to support local art right now: I love telling people I’m from the United States of Houston. But it’s always harder to please your community than it is to please people outside it. Local artists need stability right now. And that’s built at home.


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