Artist Morena Roas Goes Brazil

Call her Ms. Worldwide.

Houston singer Morena Roas traveled to Brazil to film the music video for club single “Molly Made Me Do It.” Watch the exclusive premiere above.

The clip was filmed in the Campinas and Paulista municipalities and incorporates several dancers and performers from the areas.

“It took me a year to get there. I needed a new atmosphere and to make some noise,” Roas says. She performed at festivals throughout the country.

“Brazil felt like home. I was welcomed by everyone.”

The song is a followup to her local club hit “Molly Where You At,” which featured an equally vibrant music video filmed in the Montrose area. That song earned spins at clubs throughout the city.

Roas has another video filmed in Brazil ready to release next month. She hosts a Monday night open mic at Guava Lamp on Waugh.


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